Who Are You: The Laws of Attraction In Action

Attractioners, two days ago, I asked you the question, “Do you feel that you know yourself better than anyone else does?” The overwhelming answer was “yes!” so let me ask you this, “Is your life currently reflecting back to you your belief that you know yourself better than anyone else does?”  By that I mean, are you manifesting what you want for your life IN THE WAY in which you want it? If the answer is yes, then congratulations Attractioners!  That is totally awesome.  You ROCK!!

Now let’s take that momentum a little deeper.  “What does it look like or feel like to take what you know about self and use that to manifest, with conscious awareness, what you are wanting for your life in this moment?”  LOL! Yup, that was a long question, I know, but an important one.  You can take all aspects or one aspect of self and paint a picture within your imagination of what it looks like or feels like or even sounds like to use this information to start the process of getting what you want…in this moment.  Life is all about choices, so you get to choose.

Consciously knowing yourself with full awareness has multiple benefits. In addition, but not limited to clarity of mind around how you set your intention and show up in life, knowing self provides greater understanding of your emotional triggers and responses to people, places and things.  And that puts you in control of how you CHOOSE to act and or react.  Do you know how powerful you become when you are able to feel your emotional trigger being pulled and experience every ounce of the aftermath, and then choose how you want to react! Boo-ya! Knowing yourself allows you to do this.  Also, it sets a secure foundation upon which you build your life. BAM!  It provides the raw material needed to begin the journey of manifesting what you want.

For those of you who are on the fence about knowing yourself better than anyone else does or have never given it much thought or don’t want to know self in that way, there is much irony here.  You will always know you better than anyone else, simply because you are YOU!  You can’t escape you, because as it has been said, “where ever you go, there you are!”

The difference with being consciously aware of knowing you better than anyone else and being unconscious is how well you control what you want to manifest or experience in your life.  Getting to know yourself is all about having an inner conversation with self.  It must be raw, authentic, honest and loving.  This conversation doesn’t involve anyone else and mustn’t be reduced to a litany of harsh critiques about all your perceived failings; you know the if I wouldha, shouldha, couldha’s that surround your life.  While those sad laments are vitally important, because they do provide critical information about self, they also supply a needed balance.  Getting to know self is also about your perceived successes in life. They are vitally important, because they do provide critical information about self, they too supply a needed balance.

Choosing to do the work to know yourself is hard.  And, it isn’t always pretty.  Life is so simply complex. To be able to see and appreciate beauty, you must be able to see and appreciate the beast.  Self will always provide, you, with your polar opposites.  The key is not to buy into one or the other or become emotionally charged and distracted.  Without self judgement, getting to know you at an intimate level requires you to use all the information you have ascertained about self, the good and the not so good, to set a secure foundation upon which you build your life.

How well you know yourself is the determining factor in how well you use the Laws of Attraction, with conscious awareness, to get what you want in life.  It’s all too easy to rattle off your dislikes and likes. Pet peeves, what makes you laugh and or makes you cry or what has the power to scare you to death and work from the assumption that this is the sum total of you.  It’s not!

You are SO MUCH MORE than what your life is reflecting back to you. In fact, your reflection is telling you how powerful you are and that it’s within your grasp to use this knowledge to get what you want for your life.

Take the time to get to know yourself.  Do this with the absence of harshly critiquing self or glorifying self unduly.  Simply look at you from within and see the majesty of who you are, your gifts and talents, both latent and secret are waiting to be used by you.

How well do you know you? This is a burning question that needs to be answered so you can create the life that you want to live.

Dr. Wendy is a Choice Expert, Intrinsic Coach and lecture on The Laws of Attraction. Contact her on via email drwendy@itsmylifemychoice.com