About Us

We recognize that millions of people have tried it, most have a hard time getting it to work and others are unable to maintain it consistently. Yet, all seem to be a little more than curious about the Law of attraction, even when all is said and done, most have said it doesn’t work. The Laws of Attraction have been erroneously condensed down to The Law of Attraction.

Omitting the “s” to make the word law instead of laws, have given the wrong information and impression to millions of people on how conscious manifestation works. It’s Laws; not law of attraction. If you want to be able to consistently and consciously manifest what you want in your life you must have an understanding of what this all means.

The Laws of Attraction In Action is a division of Adassa James Institute Inc., Aji a Nevada based corporation that is in the business of personal and transformational growth through conscious awareness of your choices and taking action.
Our philosophy is simple;

“Everything we do in life is predicated on “choices” and choice is the first Universal Law in the Universal Laws.  Everything we feel and experience is a result of Choice – the joys and the pains, the highs, and the lows that manifest in every aspect of our lives.  We embrace your individuality and your right to use the Universal Laws however you deed necessary.  We celebrate your uniqueness and recognize that living and achieving balance between the mind, body and spirit is…all…about…you!”

Our Mission

Putting the “s” back where it belongs LAWS and sharing the Universal Laws of Attraction so people have a greater understanding of what they can do to consciously manifest for their lives. We provide all who are seeking knowledge on using the Universal Laws with easy to use self coaching tools to support them in doing this.

Our promise is to:

  • Support you every step of the way without carrying you
  • Always view as whole capable and complete; therefore knowing you know what is best for you
  • Provide a safe place for you to explore the Laws and transform self
  • Never buy into your BS


At AJI we protect and respect your right to privacy. We will not sell nor distribute any personal information that you submit in answer to our questionnaires, surveys and polls . The same policy applies to your account and mailing information. Your faith in Adassa James Institute Inc. and divisions and establishing a trustworthy relationship is the foundation of our company.

Consultation & Services

Dr. Wendy Dearborne, founder of Adassa James Institute Inc., is a choice expert, holistic practitioner, life coach, life coach educator author and inspiration speaker. Dr Wendy is available for


  • Essential oil and aromatherapy customization services
  • Coaching services: personal and corporate
  • Speaking services:

Contact Wendy Dearborne for more information drwendy@itsmylifemychoice.com or 702-425-8589


MEDIA INQUIRES:  Dr. Wendy Dearborne 702-425-8589