21 Day Forgiveness Project

Attractioners, welcome to Dr. Wendy’s 21 Day Forgiveness Project.

Consciously using the Universal Laws of Attraction, takes consistent action.  Because we are emotional beings we can react to things that we experience in our lives in a myriad of ways.  We can be enraged, sad or hurt.  We can play the blame game, be resentful, hateful and sometimes downright mean and spiteful.  Within reason, and befitting the situation all the above feelings are normal.  What isn’t normal is our inability to let go of these emotions that become toxic to every facet of our lives.  They keep us stuck and prevent us from moving forward.

The 21 Day Forgiveness Project is all about you and learning the transformative art of forgiveness.  This will allow you to let go of emotional toxicity and move on by unlocking and or unblocking the channels that are preventing your manifestations or blessings from being realized.

Forgiveness isn’t just about being and saying sorry or an act of contrition or consciously acknowledging what you may or may not have done wrong.  Or what you believe has been done to you.  Forgiveness has way more value in our lives than a simple contritious act of being sorry or accepting an apology.  It is far more reaching than that.

All religious, spiritual and metaphysical doctrines speak, teach and preach at length about forgiveness. There is a pious benevolent air about the process of forgiveness.  It’s almost like we are bestowing a regal pardon with the admonishment, “don’t do it again!” What isn’t said and hasn’t been taught is that forgiveness frees up mental, emotional and physical real estate so we can use that space to create what we want in our lives. Forgiveness equals self empowerment and will restore health, wealth and heal any fractured relationship.  The irony is that forgiveness must start with you.

Watch the instructional videos below: Introduction and Bullet points outlining the benefits and what you need to do to get started.  click here to download your free PDF with your simple forgiveness instructions.

Bonus: Simple Breathing Technique: Click here to download your free PDF

And remember, our lives are built one choice at a time. So create the life that you want to live through the power of your conscious choice.


Dr Wendy