God Doesn’t Test You

My mother had a saying whenever anything was going wrong, “that this is my cross and trial.”  The cross being something that you have to bear, carry or make your way through. And the trial could possibly be seen as the determination of guilt or innocence.  However, in this instance we are speaking of “trial” as an attempt or effort to do something or achieve a particular goal. We are in essence taking experimental action in order to achieve a desired result.

God doesn’t test us.  Yet, we feel, that when we are going through trials and tribulations, which have all come about, because of the choices we have made, that we are being tested by God.  It matters not whether a choice has been made consciously or unconsciously.  It’s still a choice that you have made and the result is that you are living that manifestation now.  As we go through these trials and tribulations we say that “God is testing us!”  Again, God doesn’t test us!  There is no test.  In reality, it’s just a situation.

Matthew 12:37 states clearly, “For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.” Once again God isn’t testing you. There is no test. There is only choice! Choices you’ve made and choices that you are going to make. The dictionary defines tribulations as distress, suffering and or troubles.  Your tribulations are self-made by the words you speak and the beliefs you have, which equate to the choices you make.  In fact, tribulations are signals from within that are supplying you with answers to overcome the trials you are going through.

There is no test. When we have prayed our last prayers and part of the prayer has been answered and the other part has been left unanswered, and we are thrown back into turmoil, we say that God is testing us.  Once again, God isn’t testing you.  God is speaking to us through the very situations we are going through.  God is supplying us with answers and options which we must make a choice from.

If we have had our hearts desire manifested and blessings poured out upon us and everything in the world is right, and then the bottom falls out and our world is turned upside down, we will say that God is testing us.  God isn’t testing you.  You have been put on Divine notice that life…this gift of life that you have is always moving forward and never standing still. He who has no momentum in life ceases to exist.  So, God isn’t testing you. There is no test. There is only choice. And when you’re looking at your world from upside down, you have been put on Divine notice that it’s time to manifest your next heart’s desire. It’s time to choose something else.  It’s time to move on with your life.

You say that you are over people, places and things.  You have done the inner work and the personal growth and situations that have created limiting beliefs in your life have been overcome.  Woo-hoo!   Yet here it comes again, out of the blue, these feelings of inadequacy lack of worth etc., ________________you fill in the blank.  And because we don’t understand, we say that God is testing us to make sure that we are over it.  Whatever it is, this thing that you overcome, God isn’t testing, God is showing you something about self.  God’s showing you something about yourself.  The strength of character you possess.  How far you’ve come and above all, that you have the power to overcome your tribulations.

God doesn’t test us nor put us on trial. Once again, trial as I AM speaking of it, isn’t about ascertaining your guilt or innocence, it’s about making a choice to solidify a desired outcome.   God simply lights the pathways, multiple pathways and show us numerous doors and supports us in manifesting what we want for our lives.  Be clear that it is you who must make the choice.  God’s role in your life isn’t to make choices for you.  God’s role is to simply show you people, places and things from which you get to choose.

In closing let me say this.  As a choice expert, no choice that you make is wrong. You may not like the results of the choices you have made, so you say that the choice was wrong.  You cannot change the choice that you made, whether you deem it right or wrong.  What you can consciously choose to do is use the experience to support you in getting what you want for your life.

God isn’t testing you.  You do that yourself, if, you want.  Attractioners, there is no test.  There is simply your choice and how you choose to react to the manifestation of your choice. God is there for you.

There is a saying, “wherever I go, there I am.”
Ironically in Psalms 139:8 “If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there.”  God is there for you wherever you are, because God is everywhere!

Dr. Wendy Dearborne is a Choice Expert and Intrinsic Coach.  Contact her drwendy@thelawsofattractioninaction.com