Are You Prepared To Slam Dunk Your Accomplishments This Week?

Using the Laws of Attraction takes action. #Attractioners, as you prepare for the coming week, what are you wanting to accomplish? Are you prepared to slam dunk “it” this week?  It’s important to get your thoughts organized in your mind.  Once you’ve decided what you want to accomplish don’t just think about it…write it down. There is power in reading your written word. That power activates the Universal Law of Imagination.  It doesn’t matter what you write it down on. It can be toilet paper, tissue paper, scrap paper, trash bag, your day planner or notes on your iPhone; you get my drift. Just write it down.

Next, check in with yourself and your internal dialog. Are you asking yourself the right types of questions?  Is your internal dialog forward thinking leading to forward movement? Again, the questions and or your dialog shouldn’t be how you’ll accomplish this goal.  Your dialog must start with WHAT!  What does, what will, what can… by starting your internal dialog or your line of questioning with the word “what,” brings two things into your immediate awareness.

  1. You give your imagination permission to do what it does best. Creating multiple options to choose from that are tailored to fit your exact needs in this moment.
  2. You get to view desired goals with new eyes. Even, if, this is something you have done before.

You’ve written down what you want to accomplish. To support you in that process it’s paramount that you are clear about what’s already on your calendar for this week. To begin mapping out your personalized strategy ask yourself this question: Is there anything that is happening this week and or that I have committed to, that will prevent me from attaining my goal?

So, let’s take that a step further. Let’s look at what ya got going on Monday? Morning, mid-morning, early afternoon, late afternoon, early evening, late evening and Monday night? Is there anything on Monday at any time that will prevent you from completing your desired goal, based on what you have on your calendar? Ask these questions for each day of the week, so you can see, with clarity, what’s already on your calendar, what needs to be on your calendar and then where to slot in what you want to accomplish this week.  You’ll also see what can be moved or removed.  Using this technique gives you an opportunity to see what you are doing with your time on a daily basis and allows you to maximize your time.  Time is one of our most precious commodities.  Use it wisely.

Adding this simple technique to your daily, monthly, yearly planning will give you the knowledge you need to create some iron clad strategies for accomplishing your desired goals. It can also make you feel more in control of your life and less overwhelmed or underwhelmed by what you are wanting to do.

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