The Drivers Seat In Your Car Is For You

In order to be able to drive a car you need to learn the basic fundamental, so you and your vehicle and the people around you will all arrive at the desired destination safely. It’s necessary to know how to stop your car in enough time not to cause a collision or to be able to avoid one. Knowing how to steer your car and keeping it on the correct course so you can get to your desired destination is a must. All the while as you are driving you are observing the road conditions giving you the opportunity to course correct…whatever that means, for you to get to where you want to be safely and in the time frame that you specified.

Part of being able to consciously use the Universal Laws of Attraction effectively is understanding that you are always in the driver’s seat of your life. The only time you are a passenger is when you choose to let someone else take control of the wheel or you get into their Vehicle.  Note the word choice here.  You giving up control is a choice.  You getting into someone else’s car is a choice too.

LOL! FYI: You can’t drive safely nor effectively looking in your rear-view mirror, that’s not going to work; unless you are intentionally reversing.  Ironically, this is how most of us try to live our lives, moving forward, yet looking backward!

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