Is Not Keeping Silent A Bad Thing For The Law of Attraction?

The Universal Law of Silence is multifaceted and malleable like all other Universal Laws, with the exception of one. Many people don’t realize the value and the magnitude that consciously choosing to keep silent has on how the Universal Laws of Attraction will work for them. You’ve heard the sayings, “silence is golden.” Or the proverbial adage, “if you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.” Or the one I love, “shut the bleep up!”

When consciously using the Laws of Attraction there is a reason for maintaining your silence, and that reason is not about being secretive or sly or cunning. It’s about creating an energetic dynamic within self, so that you can communicate with your self or your Christ Consciousness, Higher Self, Your God Mind, Spirit or whatever term makes you feel comfortable. Silence creates a space so that, that which you are wanting to bring forth can develop a strong root system, giving it a chance to thrive or be made manifest.

You are influenced, and rightly so, by the externalities of your life.  Your external experiences support you in your choice making process.  But, once you’ve made a choice and committed yourself to that choice, the external influences have done their job.  If you continue to allow them to influence you, you will not emit a clear vibrational signal into the Universal Conscious letting it be know this is what I AM wanting to be made manifest for my life.  The Universal Law of Silence is a powerful thing.


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