Your Life Is A Contractual Agreement With God

Have you ever wondered about the people in your life, especially those, who to put it mildly, you can’t abide to be around or being around them drives you to want to drink? We make agreements with other souls, who are members of what is called our soul cluster and we are members of theirs. The idea is that we’ll support each other to attain our highest soul growth, by what appears to be, any means necessary. We are all in this dimension under a spiritual contract. And it’s a contract of choice that has been made of our choosing with the assistance of God and our celestial helpers. This contractual agreement, we make prior to incarnating or being born into this life. Our agreement is binding. It’s a contract!!!! We have created it for our soul growth, which ultimately is achieve by fulfilling our predestine life’s purpose.

Our agreements are based on the mutual understanding that the relationship is ultimately about our personal and individual soul growth. We are here for our own life/soul experiences and much like a supporting cast in a movie, we are also here, should we choose to support others in having theirs and allow them to support us in having ours. Today’s show is to bring into your awareness two points;

1. We have chosen the life that we are living, yet even within that paradigm we are governed by the Universal Law of Freewill or Choice.
2. Some of the worst experiences that you have had with people, places and things can mean that they are the closest to you in spirit and catapulting you forward on your journey.

To explore this subject further listen this episode of My Life My Choice Your Life Is A Contractual Agreement You Made With God

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