Love vs. The Universal Law of Love Part II

Part II

Beyond the norm that we know to be associated with the word love, it is actually an immutable Universal Law whose definition is all about transmutation or “movement of change.” The Universal Law of Love isn’t about the warm and fuzzies or the cold and frigid.

The Universal Law of Love governs the transmutation within the manifestation process. Again, it’s about the movement of change. Trans = move; Mutate = change.   The movement of change or the Universal Law of Love is required to move energy into form and out of form. No manifestation takes place without this happening. This is why it has been said that love will conquer all.  But be very clear, this adage isn’t talking about emotional feelings.  Feelings, might I point out, can and will change from minute to minute.  This adage “love conquers all” is referring to the powerful transmutation function of the Law of Love.

It is incumbent upon you to do your own due diligence to understand the difference between the word love, as used to describe the degree of your likes and dislikes and the Universal Law of Love, which is transmutative energy supporting the manifestation of change.

Every time you experience a change in your life, whether you deem it good or bad, you’ve experience the transmutative power of Love.  Whether you liked or disliked the experience has nothing to do with Love and everything to do with your perception based on an expectation or outcome that was met or fell short.

So with that in mind it’s fair to say, when you experience the sunrise or sunset you’ve experienced Love.  When you go from being happy to sad you’ve experienced Love.  When you go from being hungry to being satiated you’ve experienced love.  Whenever you move from one state to another you’ve experience the Universal Force of Love. Change is governed by the transformative power called Universal Love.

I want you to think about how many changes you go through in a day.  How many transmutations?  It makes it easier to embrace the fact that you are “loved” and supported by God the Universal Creator of All.

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