Am I Praying and Affirming Right?

There is a right way to pray and a wrong way to pray.  Affirmations, much like prayers have a right and wrong approach too.  Praying and affirming both use the power of your spoken word, along with intention and attention for a desired out come.  When it doesn’t happen or turnout the way in which you wanted you’re left wondering, “What happen?  Why didn’t God help me?  Why didn’t the Universe manifest what I wanted?”  You’ve been told that all you have to do is pray and ask for what you want or affirm what you want a hundred times a day and you’ll get it. WRONG! WRONG!! WRONG!!!  If it were that simple your life would be exactly the way in which you want it.  Yet, ironically it is as simple as that when done the right way.

Unfortunately, much of what we’ve been taught in regard to praying and affirming is disinformation.  It’s like much of the information on using the Universal Laws or Spiritual Laws of attraction to manifest what you want for your life. This disinformation has lead you, me and a host of other people astray.  The damage doesn’t stop at you not getting what you want; it has far reaching psychological and physiological effects.  It’s has also caused you to doubt not only your ability to get what you want in life, but more importantly whether you are worthy of getting what you want for your life.  It undermines everything that you do.

Most people don’t realize that they are praying and affirming every minute of every day.  How is that possible?  It’s possible because you are always using your imagination, your thoughts, words and actions to conduct internal conversations about yourself and others.

The nuance to understand, is prayer, like affirming doesn’t require a conscious approach to activate it.  You don’t have to be consciously aware that you are praying and affirming.  All that is required is your emotional energy or feelings, along with your intention and attention that you give to your inner self talk to activate your prayer or affirmation.

This information brings a whole new meaning to self talk. Your internal dialog conscious or unconscious along with the emotional attachment you assign to your conversation is the foundation of your prayer or affirmation that will be activated.

Let me give you an example of why your prayers and or affirmations may not be working the way in which you want.  In your daily spiritual ritual you pray or affirm for global peace. That’s a wonderful thing.  Yet the conversation inside your head that you have regarding your work colleagues, spouse, family members, friends and spiritual brothers and sisters is filled with anything but peace.  It’s filled with harsh criticisms, judgments, anger, resentment, and hostility and “hoping they fail and get their just dessert.”  This internal conversation has your undivided attention and is fuel by the passionate nature of your feelings, which become your intention.  And so it is, something from that conversation will manifest.  Your weak plea, but well spoken for global peace didn’t stand a chance, because it was just lip service.   “What! Lip service?  Yes! That’s right, lip service.”  Your attention and intentions, passion and feelings are assigned to the emotionally charged conversation you are having inside your head.

You dispassionately mentioned global peace without focusing your attention and feelings on this.  Instead you gave all your energy to the people, places and things that had climbed upon your last nerve. So yeah, lip service.

If you want to activate your prayers and affirmations, they must be afforded the same energy you give to the inane chatter that doesn’t do much of anything, other than take up your precious mental real estate and deplete your energy reserves.

In this blog I haven’t address other counter-intuitive factors that impact your ability to realize your desires through prayers and affirmations; fear, uncertainty, and doubt, lack of clarity, disbelief and self-deceit to name but a few.  All the above mentioned will put the brakes on you consciously getting what you want through prayer and affirming.

Here are the 6 elements needed to support you on constructing your perfect prayers and affirmation.

  1. Be clear on what you want (be clear on what you are asking God or the Universe for).
  2. See the end result as you want it to be. Don’t focus on the process.
  3. Engage your five senses so you know how the end result makes you feel?
  4. Believe in what you feel!
  5. Ask God the Universal Creator for what you want with the belief that you have it already.
  6. Give thanks.

By incorporating the above in some form that feels right to you ups your chance of manifesting by 100%.  In a downloadable PDF click here you will get the 6 key elements, along with detailed explanations and how to put it all together.
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