Do You Struggle With Your Emotions Dictating Your Choices?

How many of you struggle on a daily basis knowing what you need to do, yet feel like you are being emotionally pulled in a different direction? If what you need to do is based in fact…fact being something that is unchangeable…no matter your emotional or fictitious state, fact will always be in your peripheral vision. Or put another way, it will always be in the forefront of your mind. Fact will be nagging you, not in a bad way, but letting you know that there is another option for you to choose from. Making choices based on your emotions can be dangerous. Our emotions are mercurial. They change from one moment to the next. And in truth, that and letting us know how we feel in that particular moment is what emotions do.

The role of your emotions is to support you in making your choice, not be the choice.  While the nuance may leave you saying, “what!?”  The end result is huge.  Emotions lending support with i.e. anger, will give you information on what you are wanting to happen in the future. That opens a dialog for different choices.  Emotions making a choice for you, i.e. anger, will cause you to respond impulsively and angrily, which ultimately doesn’t get you want you want, except more emotional stuff to deal with. If you’re struggling with fact and emotions, which I call fiction always opt for fact.  As fiction is a story that can and will change.

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