Are You Thinking From or Of Your End Goal

How much time do you spend thinking about what it feels like to have manifested what you are wanting for your life verse the struggles you are experiencing to get it? Thinking from the end, verses of the end, and of course how to achieve your end goal is the nuance between getting and not getting it. Many people work so hard, so diligently with discipline and faith and yet, what they are asking for doesn’t materialize?

Why? Now, the answer to that question is the key to greater understanding. Attractioners, it boils down to understanding the powerful difference in the nuance found in “of and from.” We have a tendency to complicate things in our lives. This is primarily because we choose not to do our own due diligence and build our lives on what we have been told.

We work on the proviso that what we are hearing, or reading, or seeing or feeling even smelling and tasting is the truth until disproved. That is not a good recipe for consciously using the Universal Laws of Attraction. Found within the central core of your role to consciously use the Universal, Natural or Spiritual Laws to manifest what you want for your life is the need to do your own investigation.
Here is the difference between visualizing, affirming and praying, “of and from:”

  1. I’m visualizing myself drinking a glass of cold water and what it will feel like.
  2. I’ve drunk a glass of cold water and visualizing what it makes me feel like.

Let’s look at this in a little more detail:
When you are thinking of seeing yourself in your imagination drinking a glass of cold water, 1) I’m visualizing (seeing) myself drinking a glass of cold water, you are in the mode “of.”
When you, 2) have drunk the glass of cold water, and engage your five senses using your imagination to define how the water you have just ingested is making you feel, you are now in the mode “from.”
Begin thinking from instead of “of” your desired end goal and see what happens in your life!

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