Love vs. The Universal Law of Love Part I

Today’s blog turned out to be very long, so I decided release it in two parts. The word love is bandied about a lot and used to describe a myriad of our feelings.  It’s used as a form of expression to show the degree of attachment, affection, feeling and or passion that you have formed with people, places and things.  You say, “I love ice cream, books, movies, clothing and Manolo Blahnik shoes etc. Or I love you to the people in your life. Yet, the love you’re speaking of differs from child to that of the love you show to your parents, from spouse to siblings and from friends to coworkers etc. It also differs between books, music, movies shoes etc.

It’s important to understand that love is a word that describes your personal feelings.  And rightly so, after all, we are all unique so are our feelings as we interact with life will be unique.  Yet still, when you say that you love me or this book, that dish, that movie or million dollar home, amazingly, I kinda know what you mean.  Simply because I will use my standard or definition of love, to define the meaning for what you are speaking of.  The word love is a global catch-all that allows us to communicate the depth of how we feel about something.  Ironically, using this global standard to express love has been the demise of many relationships.  It has also been the stumbling block for the inability to achieve success with many of the goals we have assigned for ourselves.

Within a relationship your feelings about life will differ from someone else’s and therefore their version of love will differ from yours.  This is why many people experience problems within their relationship.  They are communicating with two versions of love that don’t match up and as a result conflict ensues.  If you’ve unsuccessfully used the law of attraction with love and didn’t get the desired results or the results were not sustaining, it’s because the Universal Law of Love is about movement of change and not about the warm and fuzzies.

The word love is also used to bind you to something or something to you. You become bound because of the degree of passion you express and influence you choose to allow in your life.  And unlike the Universal Law of Love, the word love is mutable.  You can love someone today and not love them tomorrow, but love them the next day.  The word love and the energy it carries is changeable because it reflects your feelings in the moment as you interact with people, places and things.  The Universal Law of Love doesn’t do that.  Its function is entirely different to that of the energy of love.

And guess what? A hard truth is the Universal Laws don’t care about your feelings, the warm and fuzzies or what you love and what you don’t.  The Laws only care about the intention you have set and the attention you give your desired manifestation.  Universal Laws are immutable, you cannot change their structure or function, however, they are malleable.  They will mould themselves around your intention supporting you in achieving your desired manifestation, keeping everything in alignment based on the degree of your attention.

So as not to get too convoluted, let me just break it down this way. There is a major difference between the word love and the Universal Law of Love. Somewhere along the way our ideas have become crossed as to what love and the LAW of Love is.

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