Things That Support You In Achieving Your Goals


The concept of a product, organizer or digital device supporting you in establishing better goals and reaching them is can be a tall order, if, certain preliminaries are not in place first.  It’s like Duncan Hines selling you a supreme ultra moist chocolate cake.  If you don’t have a understanding of your role in the process and all that you need to do to make the cake a reality, the mix is going to remain in the box and or at the very least you’ll be extremely dissatisfied with the outcome.

It’s easy to say I want to lose weight.  But the goal when expressed like that is too large, it’s to ambiguous.  The questions that beg to be answered are, “How much weight? Do you want to do this with diet or just exercise?  Or both?  Do you want to use hypnosis or acupuncture?   Do you have time to prep meals? What sort of exercise do you like?  Does your lifestyle permit this?”
The very things that you use to support you is achieving your goals are the same things that you will use as proof to criticize yourself negatively.   And that’s a road to nowhere.

Your goal should always be thought out, looking at as many eventualities as possible and creating coping mechanisms and or implementing reframing so that you can take the necessary steps.

When using things to support you in achieving your goals, here are a few criteria that must be met when establishing goals; this includes a goal within a goal too.  And I’ll explain in the bullet points below.  Remember, without doing the preliminary work, getting as much clarity and definition as you can, it won’t matter what device you use, because the foundation isn’t set.  Here are some of the things that MUST be worked out before you plug them into your calendars, organizers, digital PA’s and or VA’s:

  1. What you are wanting for you in this moment regarding (you fill in the blank)? You need to know exactly what you want in order to establish “better” goals.
  2. To realize your goal or see it through to completion you have vest in YOUR process of what you are wanting. This is accomplished by engaging your five senses. You do this by answering the questions “What does you goal look like, feel like, taste like, smell like and sound like to you?”  If you are unable to attach emotions to your goal, chances are it won’t happen.
  3. You need clarity of purpose.  Can I really accomplish this goal with everything I have going on in my world?
  4. What value does this goal and achieving add to your life?  Your core value must align with the core value of your goal.
  5. How will it make you feel to accomplish or complete your goal? How it makes you feel supports you in seeing your goal through a long term view finder lens.
  6. What does it look like or what do you see your first step in the process to be?
  7. What does it feel like to take the second step?
  8. Paint yourself a picture of the journey you see to achieve your goal.

Creating what you want for your life is all about clarity and planning or planning and clarity.

Dr. Wendy Dearborne is a choice expert and coach and you can contact her via email
or 702-425-8589