The Touchdown of Life

If life is truly a game, as it has been called, do you understand the rules of engagement for creating the life that you want to live?  Be under no illusion, there are rules in place that provide you with tools and boundaries on how to play this game called life.  These rules are simply the Laws of Attraction.

The Laws of Attraction have been established by design to support you in your co-creation process.  Each Law establishes a boundary, not designed to hold you in or keep others out, but give you freedom for creative expansion of self in a safe place.  Boundaries allow you the place and space to safely play your game.  And Attractioners, win, lose or draw it is your game.  It’s your life!  It’s your choice!

In order to play your game of life effectively, you need to know the rules and how to use them to your best advantage. You need to know how to play within the parameters of the Laws to get what you want and how to push your boundary to mold itself around you.

While many may argue this point, I believe that we all are born into life with the same rules of engagement and the same level playing field.  Don’t measure someone’s disability, whether environmental, social or physical with who and what you are and what you feel they can accomplish.  Remember; “one man’s meat is another man’s poison!”    It boils down to what you choose to do with your life.  How you choose to play your game.
To illustrate my point let’s take a look at the sporting world; whether NASCAR racing or swimming, golf, racquet ball or horse racing the playing field, court or course is level for all players.  What allows a player to excel is what they choose to do within and with the established rules or Laws.

If you think about a football game you will see all players experience setbacks, yet the star player knows how to use those setbacks to gain an advantage.   This too is true for you in your game of life; to use setbacks as an advantage and keep a clear mental vision of the end goal.

And don’t get it twisted, winning isn’t only about the touchdown or achieving your desired goal.  Winning is all about how you choose to maneuver through the obstacles that come up as you make your way to the finish line. Winning is about learning from each situation and applying that knowledge to support you in your co-creation process.

The touchdown of life is recognizing that you are the author of your life’s journey. Through choice, you create your own living reality by using the rules of engagement or Law of Attraction, effectively or ineffectually.

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