Self Talk With Purpose

Your mind can and will runaway with you.  Sometimes running so far and fast that you become totally lost not remembering where you were going or knowing where you have ended up. And to your consternation you then spend more time trying to figure out, “how did I get here?”  Silently, to your external world, yet in full stereo in your internal world you are constantly, imagining, picturing, chatting, arguing, screaming, shouting, crying, pausing, laughing, playing, acting and talking back.  Yeah, that’s right, talking back to yourself.  You do this 24/7 365 days a year.

As you begin to hone your conscious ability to “self-talk with purpose” the runaway chatter, which may appear to be random has to be brought under conscious direction.   Self talk with conscious purpose is just that.  A consciously directed inner conversation.

Attractioners, let’s be clear about what I’m saying.  Conscious self-talk with purpose isn’t about squashing your innate ability for your mind to roam and run free.  Sometimes running so far and fast that you become totally lost, not remembering where you were going or knowing where you have ended up, is what needs to and must happen.

Q: But didn’t you just say I need to control my inner talk?
A: Umm, No.  I said you must have consciously directed inner conversations.

You would never be able to consciously control ALL of your inner conversations.  Why? Primarily, because part of the self-talk process is initiated and originates out of your imagination, which is fueled by insights and your intuition.   As I have shared with you before, insights like intuition is accurate information attained from sources unknown.

Q: How do I consciously direct my self-talk?
A: It’s not so much how, it’s a case of what you will need to do

Self-talk with purpose is a consciously directed conversation that is designed to bring you clarity.  Once you have clarity you can then make conscious choices that are in your best interest which tell self the best way to proceed.

When engaged in a consciously directed inner conversation your imagination will be providing you insights and intuits.  And because you are focused on a specific concept you are more open and receptive to the energetic streams of consciousness that supports you in finding answers.

What To Do?

Self-talk with a purpose is a consciously guided conversation about a specific subject that uses a series of intrinsic forward momentum questions.  See the Golden Questions PDF. You focus on one concept or situation at a time.

  1. Tell yourself audibly or silently that you are going to discuss ____________  you fill in the blank.  Be decisive.
  2. Tell yourself this conversation is about you and only you. Be firm in asserting that you know that your thoughts and feelings are your own. It’s important to understand that any conversation you have can only be about you, because you really don’t know what someone else is really thinking.  Heck, most of the time it’s a struggle to know what you’re thinking!
  3. Ask yourself audibly and silently, “What am I wanting to do with______________you fill in the blank.” What situation in your life do you need to talk about and find clarity and or a resolution on?
  4. Now, if you find yourself answering your questions with “I don’t know what I want to do about my financial situation or buying a new car etc!” Then change the line of questioning.
  5. Ask self “what am I wanting to feel or see happening?” If your answer is something like, “I want the pain to go away or I just want to be happy,” then dig a little deeper and explore what that means to you by engaging your five senses.
  6. Ask self what it feels like, looks like, sounds like, tastes like, smells like to be pain free or in a new car or home?
  7. If you find that you are getting bogged down with, “it’s my duty as the eldest child to ___________ you fill in the blank,” be assertive by saying to yourself, “I am choosing to put duty aside for the moment, knowing I can come back to it at anytime.” Then ask yourself the golden questions again.
  8. Be honest and authentic with your answers. No one but you and the Divine are in this conversation.  Now is YOUR time to speak YOUR truth because the things that you manifest in life are based on your answers and your belief in those answers.
  9. Don’t judge yourself. Don’t use this time to critique yourself and others.  Talk to yourself in a way in which you want to be spoken to by the people in your world.
  10. If you find that you are going off on tangents and become totally lost, not remembering where you were going or knowing where you have ended up, that’s okay. Remember your mind running away with you is a natural process. Consciously directed self-talk isn’t.  And much like a muscle that you are trying to tone it will take practice.  When you realize you have gone down a rabbit hole simply go back to the answers you gave to the golden question.  Pick it back up from there.
  11. Keep the conversation going by asking intrinsic questions based upon your authentic answers until you find a resolution or you feel a softening in your attitude or you experience a revelation. Only you will know what this is and what if feels like or looks like or sounds like and or tastes and smells like.
  12. Tell yourself thank you for taking the time to talk with me.

You can write, record or video tape your self-talk consciously directed conversation or simply do it your head.  Whichever way you choose to talk to yourself is the right way for you.  I do suggest that when you come to a resolution or find that clarity or experience and ah ha moment, you write it down in your personal growth journal, your hour of power file or Laws of Attraction In Action folder.

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