The Power of Mindfulness Being Taught To Children In School

This is a wonderful practice for children. It something I believe that parents, grandparents, siblings, guardians, teachers, preachers, daycare providers, uncles, aunties, doctors, nurses etc anyone who has interaction with children should be able to teach or at the very least offer continuity of a practice already learnt.
For the spiritual and metaphysical communities who meditate and use “simple breathing techniques” we are familiar with the power that this has to support us in governing our reactions and actions to life. An action gets reaction and so on. so breaking the cycle with a simple breathing technique is a skill these children will have access to throughout their lives. I’m also a huge advocate of each one reach one, so each one can teach one. And this is what is happening across the world with children who are being taught “mindfulness.”
I AM so gratified to see another school district bringing “mindfulness practices” to their students. I know everything has a start point, however all children need this skill, not just children who are perceived to be “at risk.” As adults, we all know life is a risk! When you make a choice you’re taking a risk and at the end of the day your socioeconomic background has no bearing on that or it’s relative to who you are. So, for me all children need this skill.
It made me smile because, although they say what they are teaching is not meditation, I’m here to tell you it is meditation. And meditation by virtue of what it is, is a non secular practice, as are the yoga movements the children in this video are learning. I agree with the founder that this is one of the missing links in a child’s education. The other for me is understanding and utilizing the power of our conscious choice in creating the life that we want to live?

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