How Are You Choosing To Look At Your Life?

Our lives are really amazing! You get to choose the filter from which you view your life from.  What do I mean by that?  You’ve heard of the phrase “looking at life through rose colored glasses?” The basic definition:  people choose to see things as being better than they really are. So what’s wrong with that?  Actually, nothing is wrong with choosing to take an optimistic view, a realistic optimistic view, of your situation, as long as it is going to move forward, allowing your current circumstance to support you in getting what you want.

However, when things in your life are going radically wrong, which for most of us they are apt to do and you choose to put on your rose colored glasses, you are choosing to do NOTHING to improve your situation.  By ignoring obvious facts and hoping against hope that by simply denying the existence of a problem it will make it go away; that’s like burying your head in the sand.

Incidentally, this is a bad rap that the ostrich has been given, burying its head in the sand when danger is approaching.  The ostrich is said to bury its head in the sand in the hope that it won’t be seen and the danger passes on by. Ha.  I don’t thing so.  I believe this behavior exhibited by the ostrich might have more to do with protecting their eggs and the extinction of their species than hiding.  But that’s my thought process.

In order to change your current circumstance, you can’t view your life from there.  You must view your life from where you want to be.  If your circumstance is lack, limitation, dis-ease, confusion, loneliness, unforgiveness etc., and this is where you are placing your energy, faith and belief, this is what is going to manifest in your life.

If you say that you can’t, because of your circumstance, you won’t.  If you say that you can, despite your circumstance, you will.  You know what you don’t want, so by default, you know what you DO want.  This is huge and it leaves no room for excuses!

When you confuse what you want, with the ease of attaining it and how you’ll make it happen you’ve just thrown up an almost impenetrable wall.  The “HOW” isn’t where your energy must be spent.  When your spiritual, physical and emotional energy is spent on the “WHAT” your life will unfold to give you what you want.  It might not be the way in which you’d do it, yet God The Universal Creator supports your co-creation process in such a way that expediency is at the top of the list. And expediency, getting what you want now, doesn’t always lend itself to the feeling of ease or leave you with the warm and fuzzies.

You get to choose which filter you’ll use to view your life with.  Your circumstance is your circumstance and that doesn’t change, but you can. You are NOT your circumstance; however you are the author of it, so therefore you can change your life to reflect what you are really wanting. Stop thinking of change in terms of how and start thinking in terms of what.  Yeah I know it feels awkward.  But much like any muscle that hasn’t been used, work it out enough and it will become toned and strong.

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