The Four Agreements To Close Out Year

Good Morning Attractioners: This book has come to my attentions several times over the last 3 weeks. Don Miguel Ruiz “The Four Agreements” Click here to get your copy from Amazon
So this is the book that we are going to finish this year out with. If you have already read this book. READ IT AGAIN! If you haven’t read Don Miguel Ruiz The Four Agreements. Much of it is worth the read. It can, I feel, support you in laying out a foundation on how you may want to approach life, which has the ability to circumvent many of the obstacles that we place in our own way.
Don Miguel Ruiz in his book “The Four Agreements” lays out what appears to be a simple road map by which to live your life by. It’s important that as you embrace each of the four agreement, that you do so with total understanding of what that means to YOU! Not just the authors interpretation. Don’t look at the meaning of the agreements with a cookie cutter approach or e.g. what the dictionary definition is of the word ‘impeccable’. You’ve read and understood what the authors is trying to impart. You understand what impeccable means. Someone can be impeccable with their time keeping or how they dress, but what does that word really mean to you and who you are? What does it translate to, in your mind. What does being impeccable mean as you show up and express yourself, to your self and others.
For me, in this instance impeccable isn’t only about standing behind my word with integrity. For me it also means being totally honest and authentic with both my internal dialog and my external dialog or how I conduct my self talk and how I choose to express myself. It’s about owning ME and my choices as I show up in life!
What about you?
1st Agreement: Be impeccable with your word.
2nd Agreement: Don’t take anything personally.
3rd Agreement: Don’t make assumptions.
4th Agreement: Always do your best.
The Four Agreements By Don Miguel Ruiz

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