I Will and or I Am Which Has The Most Potential For Success?

Attractioners, yesterday I asked the question, “Which statement says consciously and subconsciously you believe in your desired manifestation?”
a) I Will
b) I Am

  1. a) I will, speaks of the track your mind is on and that Attractioners, happens to be disbelief. Until “I Will” transforms for into “I AM” you won’t and don’t have what you are wanting. Many of the things you say “I will” do to, don’t ever get done. Yet when you verbalize something by saying b) “I AM,” you have invoked the Universal Laws and set into motion the manifesting of what you want.  Why does it work that way? Because you’ve claim that which you want without reservation.

Understand the power of your words. Know that which you speak of.  When you say “I AM” it means you have bound yourself by energetic fusion (using your words) that which you have claimed it as yours…and everything in the Universe is energetically predisposed to making it so.

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