It’s Not My Fault This Happened To Me

Everything in your life has come to you via choices that you have made. In fact during lectures and talks, when I have stated this fact people have walked out, become downright hostile, hurled angry words at me or burst into tears. All of them in their own way are saying, “that’s not true. I didn’t do anything!” My response to that is simple, “Oh! So you don’t think so?” Here is an interesting short experiment for you to try which will support you in seeing YOUR truth of this fact.

Throughout my life when I would bitch, whine, moan, cry and complain, bitterly about an injustice that I felt had been perpetrated against me, much to my annoyance, my Mum would always ask the same question.  “What did you do!?”  WTF! LOL!  I didn’t actually say that to my Mum, which is why I’m still in once piece today and have most of my teeth.   However, I did ask rather irately,  “What do you mean, what did I do?  It doesn’t matter what I did!  This…what has happen to me is just wrong on all levels.”  My mother would respond, “yes Wendy, that’s how you feel, and rightly so, but, what…did…you…do?” Really!? Like Really!? I’m here to tell you Attractioners, that use to piss me off to no end!  LOL!

It wasn’t until after my near death experience that I truly understood the wisdom of that my mother asking me that question. So for everyone who is offended by my view I’ll just off this, a word to the wise:

“Don’t confuse an outcome with your feelings on what you deserved, with the fact that you made choice that put you where you arrived at, so what happened did indeed happen.  Just so we are all on the same page, I AM NOT condoning, assigning blame, judging, nor casting aspersion.  What is a fact is that “Everything in your life has come to you via choices that you have made.”    It’s a Universal Law that many fail to acknowledge and use and as result they live lives that they don’t want.”

So on to the short experiment:
Take the end of the thread of an event, situation or experience, past or present. Now, start by tracing backwards. Do this by asking yourself, “what was the “last” step I took before what happened, happened?” Note to self: Don’t ask “what was the last thing that happened?” That’s a different question all together which will have you focusing on the situation, rather than your involvement, via the choices you made, in the situation.

A lot of fuzzy stuff will come up, but keep a hold of the thread, keep asking the question and you will eventually get to the choice you made that ultimately created your experience. Now take this true and apply your knowledge to what you are wanting to manifest in your life today.

Still can’t see it, then google the Universal Law of Cause and Effect.  Or Newton’s 3rd law of motion…in fact checkout laws 1 and 2 also.

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