Cancel That: How To Stay Focused On Your Goals.

One of the biggest challenges I face on a second by second, minute by minute basis is keeping my mind focused on my intention. My intention is what I want to manifest for my life. However, I am painfully aware of the truth in this adage “energy flows where my attention goes.” So, it’s imperative that I stay focused on what I’m wanting to manifest for my life and not the things that have already come and gone. What about you?

As much as I dislike this sport with a passion, I can help making the analogy that we are like a boxer in a never ending bout, being bombarded by multiple stimuli that are hurled at us from all directions. Deflecting head and body shots to keep focused on winning the belt is no easy task. In your daily life you have the barely audible humming of the electric pylons, dotted like centurions, along most major thoroughfares. Their aim in life is to create an unobtrusive, subaudible harmonic hum with everything inside your home that is reliant upon it. PC’s, smart phones, iPads, TV’s, play stations etc. Uppercut.

Let’s be real the bombardment doesn’t stop with the electronics. The shape of your rooms, windows and doors impact how you feel about you and life and how you show up for your life. So too, does the color of the paint on your walls to the color of your clothing you wear. The texture of fabrics, furniture and fixtures all send out a steady stream of influential energetic vibration. And let’s not forget your mattress or your carpet or flooring, all the above release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air you breathe. Plus ever changing fashion trends. Now add to this a double serving of the emotional tripping labeled if I wouldha, shouldha, couldha. What you got it a recipe for a TKO! Is it any wonder we struggle to stay focused?

Staying focused is easier said than done; for the most part. Yet, where there’s a will there’s away. As my Mum would say, “If it’s to be, then it’s up to me.” The ability to focus in on your intentions with rapt attention can be accomplished with the 3C’s:

  • Making a choice
  • Getting clarity around that choice
  • Creating a coping mechanism


Enter the word from Dr. Maxwell Maltz’s book titled, Psycho-cybernetics, “Cancel.” Hmmm!? Cancel! Hmmm…okay!? What Dr. Maltz is suggesting here is that you use the word “cancel” to stop your runaway thoughts and bring conscious awareness and direction back to what you are wanting. I took his suggestion and added “that” onto the end. I came up with “cancel that” which flows off of my tongue with ease and has upped the percentage of me using it by 100 %. Add to the word cancel like I did, or create your own phrase. As long as it feels right and sounds right to you and it rolls off your tongue, you’ll be more inclined to use it.

So how do we put this all together? Your choice is your intention. Clarity is your attention. Cancel that is your coping mechanism, which is designed to keep you on track, if used correctly. Picture this: You know your intention; you can see with your inner mind your successful birdfeed company. Yeah, I know LOL! Birds gotta eat too! Your company is growing, you’re hiring more employees, you’re doing philanthropic work and you are mentoring people with aviaries. But above and beyond this, you are living your life’s purpose. You know where your attention must be, because of the steps that you have taken and are taking to manifest your dream.

Stay with me: You had a bad day and the negative chatter starts telling you that your fledgling startup company is tanking in spectacular fashion. OMG! You’ve derailed. It’s at this point that you pull out your “Cancel That” card. Ba Ba BAM!

Literarily, you state out loud or inside your head “Cancel That!” Sometimes the chatter will continue. Repeat yourself but be more assertive. Say it like you mean it. Or like someone is taking the last slice of your birthday cake. Now, “CANCEL THAT!” You may experience what I call a pause or moment of nothingness. You know like when someone breaks something and everyone kinda freezes. It’s that kind of sound, feeling and vibe. This is what you are looking for because it signals that you have shut the chatter down.

You’ve cancel that thought, now what? If the ancient philosopher Aristotle is to be believed, “Nature abhors a vacuum.” So that space that you’ve created needs to be filled. This is where the Universe has presented you with an opportunity to take control of your thoughts. You can’t stop your thoughts, but you can control how you react to them by using your coping mechanism. Cancel That!

Fill that space in all its glory with your intention; that’s the manifestation of your successful company. Follow up by sealing this with your attention. To do this, review successful steps already taken and look at new and exciting one that you are going to take.

It’s as simple as that and it works! And for anyone reading my blog thinking this can’t work because…you fill in the blank. I have two words for you,