Hush: Your Intuition Has Something To Tell You


Intuition:  Accurate insight and knowledge attained from sources unknown.  We all have access to our intuition, which means that we all have insight, accurate insight on the best choices to make for any given life situation. However, based on the fact that we as humans, tend to be afraid of the unknown, or we dislike being uncomfortable, we err on the side of caution and go with what we know or what feels good.  More often than not, this doesn’t serve our purpose well.  And in consciously using the Laws of Attraction, ignoring your intuitive directives will create a setback with our manifestation.  Can you get passed your fears and can you train yourself to use your intuition?

Join me Dr. Wendy Dearborne choice expert and life coach and Olivia Lashley expression coach and artist as we explore those two questions.  Click link here to join us live or call in on 646-727-2759