Aromatherapy Diffusion In A Confined Space

January 2016 at day care in Idaho, fire fighters were called out because the director of the center thought that the children and staff where suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. What had transpired was an overdose of essential oils.  Can that happen?  Oh yeah it can; particularly if people don’t know how to use the oils safely. As a master aromatherapist, I have seen a rapid increase in incidences like this one.

When using essential oils in confined spaces, such as a car or room without ventilation or poor ventilation or even a room with a mass of people, it is vitally important that the right essential oils be used. Within such confine spaces, it might be best to use the more volatile essential oils or e.oils with top notes. This basically means that they dissipate very quickly.   Also, having an awareness and understanding of the physiological and psychological responses the body can have to various essential oils is another factor to take into consideration with your selection process.

As you know, some e.oil will relax you; Bergamot – citrus bergamia.   Others have a sedative/sleepy effect; Neroli – citrus aurantium vulgaris.  Then you have e.oils that create a meditative/zoned out effect; Lavender – Lavandula angustifolia and finally a hypnotic/fixated effect; Sandalwood – santalum album effect on the mind and therefore the body.  Educate yourself on the properties, what the e.oils can do for the body, of the essential oils that you choose.

For your car diffuser, the ideal e.oils blend is to create a calm and relaxed, yet focused environment.   My personal favorites are a 1:1 ratio of Aniba Rosaeodora (rosewood) and Citrus x Paradisi (pink grapefruit).  And Citrus Bergamia (bergamot) and Lavandula angustifolia (lavender).  Note:  Lavender is hypotensive maybe not the best selection for  people with low blood pressure.  You will create a blend using neat essential oils and apply them to you diffuser.  All you for that type of confined space (car) is 1 or 2 drops.

Dr. Wendy Dearborne is a classically trained European aromatherapist.
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