Creating A Natural High

Attractioners, I’m on this “are you passionate” about what you’re doing kick? When you are living your passion, not only will you and do you make money from it…and you will, if you’re not already.  It will open up your creative faculties by making you more consciously aware of your connection with the Universe. That connection once established will stream pure undiluted creative energy in a form that is unique to only you.

When you have accomplished any task big or small or hit a benchmark you will experience what I call a natural high.  For me I feel a deep sense of personal empowerment and I feel like I AM levitating.  For others they may come away with the feeling of mentally high-fiving self or fist bumping with the Universe.  Whatever it is you will be able to identify your natural high when working on things that you are passionate about.

Working your passion doesn’t mean that you won’t experience the “daily grind!” Doing things that a tedious, boring and laborious.  In truth and honesty it’s part of the process.  And between you and me, I think it helps to create and support the foundation for when your natural high hits.  The very idea that if you are working your passion it’s all cupcakes and frosting/icing is just a Hollywood misnomer.  However, what will be different is that there will be a willingness to do what needs to be done and not complain, or at least not complain “a lot!”  I believe this is because you are viewing what you are wanting to experience in your life from the end.

Meaning? You are living your desired manifestation, (even before it has come into tangible form) rather than watching it.  And when you are living and evolving within something, rather than watching it evolve, it takes your experience to a whole new level of understanding; a whole new level of commitment to self and those whom you are serving and supporting.

So, if you are not working at what makes your heart sing…what are you doing with your life? The real question is what are you wanting to do with your life?

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