Can Anyone Tell Me Where Exactly God Is?

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This is a question that believers and non believers have asked themselves for as long as man has been in existence.  Where exactly is God? There are raging debates about the existence of God; who, what and where God is located.  And yet, we have been told categorically God is everywhere, within you, in heaven, in the Universe…in that rock or piece of carved wood, above you, below you and everywhere in between. These questions have given rise to a global trillion-dollar self-help industry, and have kept the zillion dollar traditional church industry/ministries in business. From New Age to Evangelic Ministries and everything in between, including Wiccan and Paganism all claim to have the answers that people are seeking when trying to find God.  So, where do you think God is?

Join me Dr. Wendy Dearborne Choice Expert and Intrinsic Life Coach and Olivia Lashley Expressions Coach And Artist as we weigh in on this subject.