Why Can’t I Manifest What I Want?

It’s helpful having an understanding of how the Universal Laws of Attraction work together, whether you are wanting to use them consciously or not. The Laws of Attraction are natural Laws, Spiritual Laws, God’s Laws or your chosen deity’s Laws. These Laws are immutable and exacting by nature.  These two facts, immutable and exacting, say it all when it comes to the Universal Laws and how things unfold in our lives.   They, the Laws, exhibit the true meaning of detached involvement.  You see, the Laws are unemotional, unbiased and detached.  The Laws careless about gender, race, age, finances, good, bad, infirmities, diseases, disorders and believe it or not our spiritual or religious beliefs.  And yet, each Law individually and collectively are very, very much involved in our lives.

The Laws have one function and one function only.  To take the energy that you are transmitting to a receiver.  That receiver will always be on the same frequency as you and will bring about a natural conclusion, to the circuit, by manifesting in your life the tangible or solid form of your frequency.  That’s what manifestation is.  It’s bringing your beliefs into a solid form that your able to identify with through your senses; your ability to touch, taste, see, smell or hear.  So, whether you are consciously aware of these Laws or not it doesn’t matter, because we are governed by them and our lives manifest according to the Law you invoke.

The Laws can only be invoked by your true and authentic belief.  This isn’t based on your mantra, prayers, hopes even your faith, the Laws can only be invoked by what you believe. When you look at your macro-sphere, your life, you’ll see your belief staring right back at you.  Do you like what you see?

While based on what’s happening in your life this may sound harsh, even cruel, daunting and overwhelming, however, the reality is by having an understanding of the Laws and using that knowledge, puts you squarely in a position of empowerment over your life.  It removes much of the guess-work and uncertainty that many experience when trying to manifest.  You become the alchemist of your life.  There is no more leaving your life in the hands of fate or in the clutches of lady luck.

When you begin looking at the Spiritual Laws seriously, you will see a pattern forming.  Much like a gigantic jig saw puzzle the Universal Laws fit seamlessly together. Some of the Laws are so similar in nature that we have a tendency to overlook these nuances.  As a result of overlooking these nuances we miss the proverbial boat and we are left asking the question, “Why is it that I am unable to attract what I want into my life?”

Let’s take a look at how this process works. It’s a given that you’ve made a choice. The Universal Law of Action, which is the energetic motion needed to start things off, requires the Universal Law of Command to be invoked first.  Without the Law of Command being invoked, the Universal Law of Attraction, which is the force that supports the Law of Magnetism in the manifestation process, remains dormant.  The Law of Reaction then comes into play showing you that something is off track, because what you want has not and will not manifest in your life. Can you see the interplay and the importance of understanding nuances associated with the Spiritual Laws?

So, it breaks down like this:

  1. Based on your belief you make a choice. That’s the first Law.
  2. Then you make the command; “this is what I want to manifest in my life.” That’s the second Law.

From that point on everything is automatic.  It’s much like the domino effect, as long as you stay focused and clear on what you want, keeping your emotions in check, the manifestation will happen.  The Laws know what they need to do, how to do it and they do it oh so well, when we allow it.

Let me clarify here.  Just because you believe in something will not automatically make it manifest in your life.  The manifestation process does not work that way.  You must ask for it.  Incidentally, ask in Aramaic means to claim, demand or command. You must ask first.  Believing is not enough. Contrary to what the Law of Attraction gurus teach, you have to take action on that belief to get the desired reaction.  And that starts by asking, it’s not enough being the ball or living as if.  You must ask for what you want!

The reason for this is very simple.  Ownership, responsibility and accountability. No one has the power to take ownership, responsibility and accountability for your life and the choices you make.  No one can answer for the things that you have chosen to do.  Only you can answer for you.  It’s that simple.

There is a Divine Order and Flow to everything we do in life.  And so it is with consciously using the Universal Laws to manifest what you want for your life.  Take a look at the PDF outlining 14 Laws and map out how you are using them in your life and your conscious manifestation process.

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