Understanding The Universal Law of Discipline

Going the distance

Discipline: Definition: activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill; a training. As a Universal Law, Discipline adds much value to your manifestation process. Much like belief, faith, silence, gratitude and space, the Law of discipline is one of the Universal pillars that support you in staying focused on your objectives. Discipline improves usability, efficiency and productivity of all the other Universal Laws. It hones and sharpens their individual and collective actions. Like all the other Laws, when not used correctly the Universal Law of Discipline will show you what needs to be done, allowing you to course correct and keep yourself on track.

Going the distance
Without consciously using the Universal Law of Discipline, it makes it that much harder to navigate the Law of Attraction and manifest what you are wanting for your life. It promotes conscious awareness and self realization through expansion. It helps to overcome limiting beliefs that can block your manifestations. It strengthens your faith and belief in self and the Universal Creator and frees you to act fearlessly on your intuition. When you are consciously using the Universal Law of Discipline automatically taps into the Law of Divine Order. It supports you in organizing in a structured way that allows the Law of Economy to get you want you want in the shortest, fastest, easiest way possible. It creates an incremental flow (baby steps) that supports you in going the distance and arriving at your end goal.

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