The Repository of Your Mind Holds Bricks & Mortar

Our history is our past experiences put “back” into a safe and trusted place. That place is called the repository and is located within our minds. Everything that has happened in our lives has happened for our highest good. You see, it’s not about what has happened, it’s all about what you “THINK” about what has happened. Then, the action you choose to take based on what you are thinking.

Our Historical past creates building blocks within our mind

Are you taking action on historical experiences that are best left within the safety of the repository of your mind? Or do you need to reframe and FIND the blessing in your past experiences allowing it to be use as leverage to move forward, in a conscious way? A way that you choose, verses being dragged along and only to be left wondering how did I get here!


let it go monday6

Today is “Let It Go Monday” and it’s time to reframe and find the blessing or the good in all things bad that have happened for your life! You see, your historical past are like bricks and mortar.   They can be used to weigh you down and entomb you or they can used to build a solid foundation that will set you free.  So here’s a couple of questions to ask yourself, “What does it look like of feel like to use your past experiences in positive ways to create what you are wanting for your life?”