The Laws of Attraction Recipe & Pound Cake!

Many people have no real understanding of how to consciously make the changes they want to see in their lives using the Laws of Attraction or Spiritual/Natural Laws.  For many years I struggled with this and struggled hard.  And the truth be told, I still struggle, but in a different way. My struggle now comes from maintaining my conscious awareness of the power I have, in my spoken word, and that when my words are backed with passion and belief, it creates a slam dunk personalized recipe for conscious manifestation.  And, for that matter, when my words are unconsciously backed with passion and belief they manifest too.

You see, it’s a little like this. To manifest on a conscious level it’s like creating a pound cake.  To create a pound cake there is a methodology, a structure and a process to the recipe that must be adhered to.  Back in the day and I mean way, way back in the 1700’s, to create a pound cake you needed the following ingredients: 1 lb eggs (approximately 10), 1lb butter, sugar and flour.

However, when making a pound cake today, you’ll find that the recipe no longer follows the traditional measurements from the 18th century.  Yet one thing hasn’t changed in over three hundred years, you still need the four basic ingredients to make a pound cake.  Bear in mind should you remove one of the basic ingredients you will no longer have a pound cake. Oh yes, you will have a cake, but it will not be a pound cake!  When manifesting consciously you need to be specific about what you want.

There are hundreds, perhaps even thousands of pound cake recipes that have been created, all you have to do is Google “pound cake recipes” to see this.  I’m going to take advantage of this fact and everything that it shows us to illustrate our power to manifest consciously using the Universal Laws.

So what does consciously manifesting and baking a cake have to do with being able to use the Universal Laws of Attraction?  In fact, it has a lot to do with being able to see and implement the required process for consciously manifesting for your life.  But before we move forward I have a question that I want you to ask yourself. “Did you know that when two people who are using the exact same recipe, same ingredients, the same everything will create two totally different end products?”  This is why Mum can bake a pound cake and it tastes like a slice of heaven and you bake the same cake and it taste like a slice of earth. We are all unique and have our own energetic frequency so whatever we do will have our spiritual signature.  Manifesting is about putting your own twist on your desired outcome.
When using the Laws of Attraction unconsciously and consciously, specific step are required to achieve your desired success.  There are 6 fundamental elements that are required for you to bring into your life that which you want to manifest.

Your basic Law of Attraction recipe looks like this

  1. Make a definite choice
  2. Be clear on that choice
  3. Marry yourself to your choice using your five senses
  4. Be passionate in your belief in your thought that you have what you want already
  5. Be patient or faithful
  6. Give thanks

Once you understand the basic recipe, you can then add whatever you want to make it your own by using your spiritual signature.  Oooh!  And what does that mean?  For your recipe it could mean adding a spicy twist by using the Law of Silence or Forgiveness.  Or by adding a specific date and time.  You can infuse your recipe by adding a dash of the Law of Space or Love.  You can do whatever you want to.  It’s YOUR RECIPE!

The basic structure of your Laws of Attraction recipe never changes.  You can add to it, but never take anything away from it.  Now you have the basics, what are you going to do?

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