Are You Using The Universal Law of Equipoise In Your Life?

Being a good receiver is all about being a good giver. One supports the other in finding balance and manifesting what you want in life. This doesn’t pertain to things that are already in your life. It pertains to things that you want to manifest in your life. So, when you take this to another level, this also speaks of your ability to transmit or give your signal to the Universal Consciousness stating what you want. And then your ability to receive what the Universe sends back for you. In your life, if you are uncomfortable receiving, but comfortable giving, then you have created a challenge for yourself in being able to manifest. You have created an imbalance.

spiritual bread returning to me

To find your balance ask yourself, “what does it feel like or look like, sound like or smell like or even taste like to be comfortable and harmonious with giving and receiving.” And I’m not speaking of giving to get, which is where many of us live. “I did this for you, so you really owe me and should do this for me! I’m speaking of giving from the heart because it simply feels good and resonates within you. The Universal Law of Equipoise asks, “Are you prepared for your bread to return to you upon the spiritual water of life?”