91 Year Old Entrepreneur Successfully Enters Spice Trade

This is an amazing story that is filled with many beautiful poignant moments. From an Attractioner’s perspective, he knew what he wanted without a doubt. He understood the reasoning behind what he wanted and that created a foundation for him to build upon. I’m not lost to the fact that his creation keeps his relationship with his wife very much alive. However, that too supported him is seeing cHarissa moving and evolving, living and breathing. He’s vision for the tasty Moroccan spice, transcends his life expectancy he’s creating a legacy that will change the world. Or at the very least encourage and inspire people to know that age is not a factor, when you are wanting to manifest something into your life. Fun, passion, clarity, choice, right thinking and action, right action are all contributing factors for the Laws of Attraction to work for, bringing into manifestation that which you are wanting.  Attractioner’s, watch this amazing video and tell me what your thoughts are. What do you think?