5 Empowering Beliefs To Hold On To Part I

Having the right belief systems in place goes a long way to supporting yourself and empowering self.  It sets the automatic default for ownership, responsibility and accountability for making choices in the best interest of self; and that puts you in the driver’s seat of your life.

  1. Holding on to things that were taught to you as child that no longer serve you as an adult is limiting or disempowering. This type of belief can show up in your world in various ways, but generally, a limiting belief prevents you from taking right action in your life.   As a child being taught not to talk to strangers is something that was needed to keep you safe.  The reality is that behavior served you as a child and adolescent, but as an adult, not talking to strangers, no longer serves you.  You now have the ability to discern certain danger.  As an adult, limiting beliefs will skewed your thinking and therefore your choice making process and how you communicate and interact with people.To figure out if you are using outmoded thinking or someone else’s limiting belief think about times when you have responded to a situation and thought to yourself, “I don’t know why I responded like that!  It’s not what I wanted to say, or it doesn’t feel right to me.”  Ask yourself in these situations “what is that I am wanting to say and what does it look like, feel like and sound like to express myself the way in which I want to.  Once you’ve figured it out and you’ve painted the picture of what you are now wanting moving forward take the first step to implement it into your life.
  1. You are not your mistakes. While cooking a pot of rice you have the flame to high and as a result the rice burns.  You’re not the burnt rice, the burnt pot or even the flame.  Yes you must take ownership of burning the rice, but more importantly empower yourself by learning from the experience. Use your experiences to support what you are wanting for yourself by asking, “What was this situation showing me? And how can I use it for my personal growth?”

Be sure to check part two for more three more beliefs that can benefit you as you move through life.

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