The Laws of Attraction In Action

Using The Laws of Attraction In Action is all about the divine order of the process. Making a choice is the beginning of putting into motion that which you are wanting to manifest or happen in your life. This Universe that we are living in is a Universe of Divine Order. So therefore, all things within that space come under the Universal Law of Divine Order. This includes you and what you are doing and wanting for your life. If you look at nature you will see this process clearly illustrated.

For instance, take a plant that has been grown from a seed. There is a natural process that has to take place in order for germination to take place. The conditions must be right to encourage and nurture growth. Within the right conditions the seedling opens and starts growing under the ground. When the roots have taken hold and are strong enough the seedling makes its way upwards to break through the soils surface. This marks the beginning the next phase of the manifestation process which is photosynthesis.

This is the same process that takes place with the things that you are wanting for your life. It doesn’t matter if it involves people, places or things. The same process that is required for a plant to grow from a seed is the same process that is required for your ideas to come into manifestation.
1. Make your choice: the thing that you want to happen for your life – the seed.
2. Create the right mental conditions to encourage growth – the seed planted in the correct environment that encourages growth.
3. Mentally nurture your choice water and feed it – tend the seed water and feed it.
4. Get clarity, hold the vision and give thanks knowing that is done – the seedling establishing roots.
5. See your manifestation coming into physical being – the seed breaks through the soil and is now a plant.
Your choices are seed that grow and bear fruit. Your mind is the soil where your choices are nurtured and encourage to develop strong roots. Once developed in your mind the right way it can then come into physical form. But remember, as with all things within this Universe everything is subjected to the LAWS and there is a divine order that will be followed.