Tips On Fitting In At Your New Job

Establishing yourself and fitting into a new work environment can be a challenge, even with knowing how to do the work standing on your head.  It’s a new work space, a new culture, heck it a new desk, PC and chair.  Everything is new, including you.  Prior to being hired you have no idea of what’s gone on or if one of your colleagues applied for the position and was turned down.  You can run into the “unfriendly” clique.

When you first start your job it’s important to observe the culture and how the people work and interact.  Do a lot of listening to what your colleagues are saying, bearing in mind that you get to choose how you are influenced.  Whatever level you are employed at, don’t go in trying to change the culture, or insist on working the same way you did on your old job.  Instead, add your unique expertise to the already established culture.  Find a way to blend that knowledge that you have with the knowledge already in place. If possible align yourself with people who have the same core values and work ethic.

Above all be genuine and authentic, be yourself.  Be genuinely interest in colleagues and meet them where they are at.  And remember, food is always a great icebreaker; everyone has to eat, get creative.

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