First Aid Kit

Building Your Personal Aromatherapy First Aid Kit

Build your aromatherapy first aid kit in a live hands on class or our  online video series.  Your Aroma-kit is designed to give you a basic working knowledge of practical aromatherapy that is safe for you and your family.  Your kit consists of 12 essential oil data sheets.aromatherapy class kit

Each data sheet will out line the essential oils’ Latin and common name, type of plant and part(s) used to obtain essential oil, method of extraction, personality type, terminology, applications, safety and blending instructions.  Plus recipes for different conditions.

Note: Some essential oils have several different varieties, knowing the Latin name is important when ordering.

Aromatherapy Terminology: 

Aromatherapy like any other science has its own language.  To build your aromatherapy glossary study the essential oil data sheet reading the properties of the essential oil long with the application.   Also read the glossary of terms in your required and recommended reading material.  

  • Contra indications - the essential oil used may trigger a certain unwanted response, i.e. raising or lowering blood pressure, stimulation or sedation etc.
  • Properties Abilities - what the essential oil(s) can be used for.
  • Application - how to apply.
  • Blending – mixing instructions.
  • Dilution – how many drops of essential oil to use in carrier.
  • Vegetable Carrier Oil - used to dilute concentrated essential oil and is readily absorbed into the skin taking essential oils with it: sweet almond oil, Jojoba oil and apricot oils are all good vegetable carriers.

Please Note: Read Safety Instructions Before Use.