Mixing & Diluting

Basic Mixing (dilutions) Instructions For Creating Your Aromatherapy Blends

Fill your clean dry, (sterile) amber, cobalt blue glass bottle to the shoulder line (where the bottle begins to curve) with 30 ml or 1oz of sweet almond carrier.

aromatherapy bottles

  • 1:  Add 18 drops (total) of lavender essential oil to the 30ml or 1oz almond (carrier).
  • 2:  Gently roll bottle between your palms to mix.
  • 3:  Do Not Use More Than Three (different) Essential Oils To Formulate Your Blend.
  • 4:  The total number of essential oil drops should never exceed 18, unless you are following a formula found in aromatherapy a book.

Label your blend and create a cross reference system, so should you need to you can  identify your supplier.

  • Day, month, year.
  • Essential oils used.
  • Vendor/supplier with batch number.
  • Carrier used.
  • What the blend is for.
  • Create a written log of  who your synergistic blend is for along with contact information.

Purchasing Essential Oils

Your Nose Knows  

Always conduct a smell/sniff test before purchasing your essential oils.  This will tell you all you need to know about the freshness of the essential oil.

Even if you are unfamiliar with aromatherapy “your nose knows” intuitively if the essential oil is alive or dead.  At AJI we call it the "Champagne Feeling." The essential oil when inhaled will tickle the nasal passageway giving a heady, alive feeling…even if you do not like the smell of the essential oil.

When purchasing essential oils from a store, the bottles (even if in the correct packaging) should not be in the shop window or under bright hot lights this will cause the essential oil to decompose.   If the bottles are covered in thick dust, chances are that they have been sitting on the shelf too long and are no longer potent and have lost much of their therapeutic value.

Key things to look out for:

  • 1:  Good essential oils are sold in amber, cobalt blue or hunter green bottles.
  • 2:  Essential oils sold in clear glass bottle are useless for aromatherapy.
  • 3:  The labels have both common and botanical names.
  • 4:  They are stored/retailed in a cool place away from direct sunlight light and heat from light fixtures.
  • 5:  They are dust free.
  • 6:  Seal unbroken.