Classes & PDF

Welcome to the learning center!  Here you will find workshops and classes designed to support you in your personal and professional journey through life.  The workshops and classes will be a mashup of webinars, podcasts, videos along with downloadable companion PDF where needed. Live video streaming recordings will take place in our Facebook group thelawsofattractioninaction or Firetalk where you’ll be able to sit and talk with me one-on-one.  We’ll let you know when and where.

Getting Ready For 2017

Our first workshop which is made up of 4 live coaching sessions is all about getting ready for 2017.  However, the information you’ll explore can be used at anytime for anything that you are wanting to find clarity on.  Click link to access PDF’s.  Please note: Live streaming is recorded in our facebook group thelawsofattractioninaction to attend you must join the group.  The one-on-one live streaming venue where we can sit and talk and I can answer your questions is at you will need to subscribe to gain access.

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