Suspended Animation And The Laws of Attraction

According to, suspended animation means; a state of temporary cessation of the vital functions. Sometimes in life, when you make choices that are not totally in alignment with what you are wanting, the result feels like you have flat lined. Leaving you existing in a space of suspended animation, where the thing that you expected to happen, doesn’t happen. Yet, frozen in place you keep waiting, wishing, hoping and praying that it will happen, all the while conducting a monolog filled with self recriminations centered on if I woulda, shoulda, coulda. Knowing at your core or at both conscious and subconscious levels it’s not going to happen, because it never was and it never will. And all the wishing in the world isn’t going to make is so.

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The amazing thing about the spiritual and human experience is that whatever choice you make is right. It’s the right choice even if it appears to be wrong. It’s the right choice even if you don’t experience what you expected to experience. You see, all choices once made automatically calibrate or recalibrate to support you in attaining your true heart’s desire. What does that mean? Look at it this way; if you want to reach the mountain and you take the wrong turn, your global navigation system will course correct for you, giving you options for getting you back on track.


In life, if you make what you consider to be the wrong choice, there are two things that will happen.

  1. Your Universal GPS, your spiritual navigation system will automatically course correct according to your subconscious desire or your true belief, giving you options for getting you back on track. You still have to make the choice.
  2. Based on what you experienced allowing you to transmute your current experience. You will learn something valuable about yourself as you transmute. As you move through your situation and come out on the other end you will experience transmutation. You will have learnt something valuable about yourself. In addition to being placed in correct alignment with what you are wanting in life.

So, if you feel that you have made the wrong choice and are currently kicking the heck out of yourself because you invested money, but more importantly your precious time, take heart. There are no wrong choices, just opportunities for personal growth, a space for greater self understanding and clarity around what you are wanting. How bad is that?
As an FYI whatever you’ve come through has the potential to make you stronger and wiser should you choose to see it that way.