Power of the spoken word

Starting My Life Over Again

When your life comes to a grinding halt it’s usually associated with the loss of someone or something.  The feelings of loss could be as a result of a death, a divorce, a drifting away.  Out growing people, places and things or the thing that fit so perfectly before is no longer a good fit.  Whatever the cause your reaction is one in which you have experienced loss.   In the pain of that loss you have reacted in a way that it has shut you off or shut you down. The fact that you are still breathing means that there is still life left in you, and although you may be down you are not out.  As long as you are physically breathing, life will gather momentum and demand that you consciously participate in the direction you want to go in.  […]

Unleash Your Power To Manifest With Forgiveness

You may be wondering why you can’t seem to get any traction on manifesting what you want in your life; from relationships to financial stability.  From health to wealth, love, career, fame and fortune… you name it.  Everything seems to be going fine, like it always does.  Then like it always does, everything starts to unravel or it crashes and goes up in flames. Or the thing you want is within your reach and your fingers can’t quite grasp it.  “Yet another spectacular, epic failure!”  Or is it? Could it be that with all the meditations, affirmations, visualizations, following up on leads and all the things that you are doing to support your own success, could it be that you have missed something out?  Could that something be fundamental to your ability to move forward in the direction that you […]

We Still Carry These Innate Childhood Traits

Have you notice that children are so, so, so excited about life? Everything has a major wow factor.   I marvel at their ability to forgive, or let go and simply move on.  While an experience, whether good or bad will always be a memory, children have the uncanny ability not to let the memory of “that” experience get in the way of living and  loving. Wow! Was I like this once upon a time?  Were you? There is a purity and honesty in the fact that children either like you or they don’t.  Either way, they’re plugged into their own Personal GPS and are listening to their inner guidance.  What’s amazing to me is that children don’t need to dig, justify or find a reason for what they feel, for them, it just “is.”  When did I lose that trait?  […]

Creating A Natural High

Attractioners, I’m on this “are you passionate” about what you’re doing kick? When you are living your passion, not only will you and do you make money from it…and you will, if you’re not already.  It will open up your creative faculties by making you more consciously aware of your connection with the Universe. That connection once established will stream pure undiluted creative energy in a form that is unique to only you. When you have accomplished any task big or small or hit a benchmark you will experience what I call a natural high.  For me I feel a deep sense of personal empowerment and I feel like I AM levitating.  For others they may come away with the feeling of mentally high-fiving self or fist bumping with the Universe.  Whatever it is you will be able to identify […]

Get Off The Self-Help Merry-Go-Round To Nowhere

Click link http://bit.ly/selfhelpmerrygoround to join us live or call in to listen at 646-727-2759 You can also download this episode and more at iTunes. Stop! Enough!  No More Self-help Books, Webinars, Seminars Or Retreats Get off this self imposed merry-go-round to nowhere. How many more self-help books are you going to read?  How many more webinars and seminars are you going to listen to?  How many more retreats are you going to attend?  How much more advice are you going to seek before you take conscious and decisive action on what you want for your life?  Being a perpetual student of spirituality is a wonderful thing.  Consciously gathering knowledge filled with its latent power is a must, yet how much knowledge is needed before you take action?  You see, knowledge without action is just knowledge.  Taking right action on the […]

I’m Not Broken I’m Not Damaged And I Don’t Need To Be Fixed

Click link to join us live http://bit.ly/iamnotbroken  or call in 646-727-2759 When things go wrong in life, as they are apt to do, people naturally experience setbacks.  Sometimes this setback literally means that they hit rock bottom.  Sometimes the rug is pulled from under them and other times it feels like they have been render in two.  If you have experienced your very own personal setback and hit bottom or have been rented in two, it doesn’t mean that you are broken, damaged and or in need of fixing.  What it might mean for you is a fresh start with an excellent foundation to build on.  It’s all about your choices and your perceptions. Join me Dr. Wendy Dearborne Choice Expert and Intrinsic Coach and Olivia Lashley Expression Coach and Artist as we explore what we can do when things […]

Whoa Slow Your Roll Sista Affirmations Don’t Work!?

Outside of the loss of a loved one etc. one of the most challenging things that we will experience in our lives is knowing what to believe. How do we reconcile what we know at a deep and intrinsic level, which is our truth, with a bill of goods that we are continuously being sold? Eat eggs, don’t eat eggs, walk 15 minutes daily, don’t walk, drink 8 glasses of water a day, drink your weight in ounces and on and on. These bills of goods are being packaged as OUR truth, even though they are counter-intuitive to who and what we are. As a Meta-physician and choice expert, I know the importance of doing “your own due diligence.” I understand and embrace the need to go within self and access the answers to life’s questions. So I was surprised […]

I Have Risen

Did you know that when the reality of life doesn’t meet your chosen expectations you experience disappointment?  Have you ever been deeply disappointed?  Yes! Are you afraid for your future? Yes!  Does it feel like your foundation has been rocked?  Yes!  When earth shattering disappointment is experienced there is a tendency to look at your life past, present and future with this distorted ‘disappointment’ lens, reexamining all the painful situations that have occurred in your life. Is this normal? Yes. However be aware that there does come a point in time when the normal becomes the abnormal and with that comes psychological and physiological problems. Everyone reading this post knows what it feels like for the reality of life not to meet the desired expectation.  Disappointments!  Everyone has experienced their own personal crucible, or, if you will, their own trial […]

I Will and or I Am Which Has The Most Potential For Success?

Attractioners, yesterday I asked the question, “Which statement says consciously and subconsciously you believe in your desired manifestation?” a) I Will b) I Am a) I will, speaks of the track your mind is on and that Attractioners, happens to be disbelief. Until “I Will” transforms for into “I AM” you won’t and don’t have what you are wanting. Many of the things you say “I will” do to, don’t ever get done. Yet when you verbalize something by saying b) “I AM,” you have invoked the Universal Laws and set into motion the manifesting of what you want.  Why does it work that way? Because you’ve claim that which you want without reservation. Understand the power of your words. Know that which you speak of.  When you say “I AM” it means you have bound yourself by energetic fusion […]

The Four Agreements To Close Out Year

Good Morning Attractioners: This book has come to my attentions several times over the last 3 weeks. Don Miguel Ruiz “The Four Agreements” Click here to get your copy from Amazon   So this is the book that we are going to finish this year out with. If you have already read this book. READ IT AGAIN! If you haven’t read Don Miguel Ruiz The Four Agreements. Much of it is worth the read. It can, I feel, support you in laying out a foundation on how you may want to approach life, which has the ability to circumvent many of the obstacles that we place in our own way.   Don Miguel Ruiz in his book “The Four Agreements” lays out what appears to be a simple road map by which to live your life by. It’s important that […]