Power of the spoken word

How Badly Do You Want It?

A personal favorite of mine.  This story is a powerful metaphor for our lives and how we choose to live it! Many say that they want this or that and lament over what they get. But how badly do you want what you say you want? Some of you may know this story very well.  Some may have never heard it before. Whichever category you fall into, I ask that you embrace it with new or fresh eyes.  Look at it as a metaphor that can change your life should you choose to see it that way. An influential and wise old sage lived on the side of a mountain near a lake. It was common practice for the people of the village to seek his advice. The old man spent many hours sitting in front of his small hut, […]

Choose Your Victimology

This morning as I watched the glorious sunrise, I had an ah-ha moment. As dirty as my windows are, and they are in need of a serious window cleaning, the sunlight always finds a way to shine through. I thought to myself, no matter my external state of being, the Universal Light of God will always shine inside of me, because that’s where my light resides. Because I AM one with God. Illumination is an amazing thing. Just like the power of choice, “The Light” sheds light on possibilities, illuminating or shining brightly on pathways that make the potential for our desired realizations or manifestations real! We come here into this life with all that we need to live our purpose. Everything that has and is happening in life is happening “for us” and not to us. We get to […]

What Is It That You Desire For Your Life?

Everyone is on his or her own journey.  Each person in this dimension, we call earth is experiencing their “personal” “soulution” or if you like, evolution.  You are a pure expression of your energetic Universal unique frequency.  Each of us have our very own vibrational frequency.  It’s yours and yours alone.  It can never be replicated and therefore never duplicated.  It can never be changed, so nothing can be added to it and nothing can be taken away from it.  For it, your vibrational frequency, is all that there is and all that there ever will be.  You are ONE with the source.  Your energetic frequency moves into form and out of form, creating and manifesting conscious and unconscious realities.   It can be interrupted as it flows with intention born of attention on the things desired.  But no one, not […]

Why Worry! It Can’t Help You Anyway.

Earlier today I was researching on the Universal Laws of Abundance for my Wednesday podcast and for the lecture I’m giving tomorrow. Looking through my spiritual text and scriptures, I came across this and felt compelled to share, because many of us do exactly this. Matthew 6:27 Who of you, by worrying, can add a single hour to his lifespan? Worrying is futile and a waste of your precious time and energy. Worrying sends you into a wash cycle that does not rinse, spin and dry. It just keeps washing and washing and washing. It’s like listening to the same news over and over again. It doesn’t alter the facts or situations. Worrying creates more hurdles and obstacles for you to get over. Once you experience that initial rush of fear based adrenaline. You know, the OMG PANIC…give yourself time […]

Do I Need To Adjust The Dial On My Self-Talk?

If your life has spun out of control or you are currently spiraling out of control and or your life is filled with an over abundance of drama or you are just plain and simply out of whack, you may want to consider adjusting the dial on your “self talk.” Now, Self Talk is that “seemingly” inane endless chatter that goes on and on inside our heads, 24/7…even when we are asleep.  It’s the way in which we communicate with ourselves about what’s going on in our internal and external worlds.  It’s the conversations and visualizations that we all have with our permanent resident “me, myself & I”. You see, yourself talk creates the balance in your life.  You cannot change people places and things, but you do have control over how you choose to think, visualize and respond. It’s […]

Are You Prepared To Slam Dunk Your Accomplishments This Week?

Using the Laws of Attraction takes action. #Attractioners, as you prepare for the coming week, what are you wanting to accomplish? Are you prepared to slam dunk “it” this week?  It’s important to get your thoughts organized in your mind.  Once you’ve decided what you want to accomplish don’t just think about it…write it down. There is power in reading your written word. That power activates the Universal Law of Imagination.  It doesn’t matter what you write it down on. It can be toilet paper, tissue paper, scrap paper, trash bag, your day planner or notes on your iPhone; you get my drift. Just write it down. Next, check in with yourself and your internal dialog. Are you asking yourself the right types of questions?  Is your internal dialog forward thinking leading to forward movement? Again, the questions and or your […]

Who Are You: The Laws of Attraction In Action

Attractioners, two days ago, I asked you the question, “Do you feel that you know yourself better than anyone else does?” The overwhelming answer was “yes!” so let me ask you this, “Is your life currently reflecting back to you your belief that you know yourself better than anyone else does?”  By that I mean, are you manifesting what you want for your life IN THE WAY in which you want it? If the answer is yes, then congratulations Attractioners!  That is totally awesome.  You ROCK!! Now let’s take that momentum a little deeper.  “What does it look like or feel like to take what you know about self and use that to manifest, with conscious awareness, what you are wanting for your life in this moment?”  LOL! Yup, that was a long question, I know, but an important one.  […]

Stand Your Ground: The Laws of Attraction In Action

I came across this blog I had written a few years ago and ironically, it’s in total sync with today’s podcast, “How well do you know yourself?” I was browsing the isles of my favorite clothing stores.  In fact, today is my designated, thank you for being you Wendy and all that you do for you day.  And for that I’m giving back to myself day.  What this translates to is I’m going to shop till I drop for whatever I want.   So, I’m browsing the isles looking at some, hmm, how do I say this?  Really uuuugly stuff and I can’t but help over hear the conversation between the extremely peppy sales assistant and a new customer to the store. The assistant is seriously digging through the shirt isle.  Ladies, you know the one I mean, the side wall […]

Stop Trying To Fix Them

One of the most oppressive things that you can do to yourself is own someone else’s crap! And this is what you may find yourself doing on a regular basis; by trying to fix other people’s crappy life situations. And as a result you wind up in part ownership of the negativity that is going on in their lives.   For a variety of reasons you may do this, but the main one is that we all think, based on our past experiences, wisdom, knowledge, skill etc that we can fix it.  That is fix whatever has gone wrong with the “fixee’s”  life. The irony here is that I can’t, you can’t, we can’t.  You cannot fix a single thing pertaining to someone else. They have to “fix it” for themselves. Good God, most of us are challenged with straightening our […]

Starting My Life Over Again

When your life comes to a grinding halt it’s usually associated with the loss of someone or something.  The feelings of loss could be as a result of a death, a divorce, a drifting away.  Out growing people, places and things or the thing that fit so perfectly before is no longer a good fit.  Whatever the cause your reaction is one in which you have experienced loss.   In the pain of that loss you have reacted in a way that it has shut you off or shut you down. The fact that you are still breathing means that there is still life left in you, and although you may be down you are not out.  As long as you are physically breathing, life will gather momentum and demand that you consciously participate in the direction you want to go in.  […]