Am I Doing The Right Thing: Working At What I’m Good At But It’s Not My Passion?

Click the link to listen to our live podcast Am I Doing The Right Thing: Working At What I’m Good At But It’s Not My Passion? or call in 646-727-2759 Is what you are doing in life your passion?  Or is what you’re doing how you make money? The distinction between the two is important. There is a huge difference between the two.  And I can hear you asking, “But, can’t it be both?”  Actually, no, it can’t.  Many would disagree and disagree venomously, yet the Universal Law of Space clearly states that no two things can occupy the same space”at the same time.”  Many people have missed out on living their dream life because they have chosen not to pursue their passion.  “Get a real job,” they say. ”And do your passion on the side, you know, because artists […]

Blog: How Do I Start Getting My Life On Track?

From health to wealth to relationships, spirituality and careers people are always asking this question, “How do I start getting my life on track or how do I start getting my life in order?”  You fill in the blank…on track or in order; it’s all much of a muchness. Where to begin is a struggle that many people face daily and as a result they wind up doing nothing.  It’s a kinda stress out paralysis that gathers momentum because now they have added to the fact that they don’t know what to do to get on track with their lives.  They wind up in a wash that is doomed to go nowhere except around and around and around. By asking the question “how” indicates to the brain that it must rack itself to produce an answer.  And when it can’t […]

Whoa Slow Your Roll Sista Affirmations Don’t Work!?

Outside of the loss of a loved one etc. one of the most challenging things that we will experience in our lives is knowing what to believe. How do we reconcile what we know at a deep and intrinsic level, which is our truth, with a bill of goods that we are continuously being sold? Eat eggs, don’t eat eggs, walk 15 minutes daily, don’t walk, drink 8 glasses of water a day, drink your weight in ounces and on and on. These bills of goods are being packaged as OUR truth, even though they are counter-intuitive to who and what we are. As a Meta-physician and choice expert, I know the importance of doing “your own due diligence.” I understand and embrace the need to go within self and access the answers to life’s questions. So I was surprised […]

The Touchdown of Life

If life is truly a game, as it has been called, do you understand the rules of engagement for creating the life that you want to live?  Be under no illusion, there are rules in place that provide you with tools and boundaries on how to play this game called life.  These rules are simply the Laws of Attraction. The Laws of Attraction have been established by design to support you in your co-creation process.  Each Law establishes a boundary, not designed to hold you in or keep others out, but give you freedom for creative expansion of self in a safe place.  Boundaries allow you the place and space to safely play your game.  And Attractioners, win, lose or draw it is your game.  It’s your life!  It’s your choice! In order to play your game of life effectively, […]

Self Talk With Purpose

Your mind can and will runaway with you.  Sometimes running so far and fast that you become totally lost not remembering where you were going or knowing where you have ended up. And to your consternation you then spend more time trying to figure out, “how did I get here?”  Silently, to your external world, yet in full stereo in your internal world you are constantly, imagining, picturing, chatting, arguing, screaming, shouting, crying, pausing, laughing, playing, acting and talking back.  Yeah, that’s right, talking back to yourself.  You do this 24/7 365 days a year. As you begin to hone your conscious ability to “self-talk with purpose” the runaway chatter, which may appear to be random has to be brought under conscious direction.   Self talk with conscious purpose is just that.  A consciously directed inner conversation. Attractioners, let’s be clear […]

The Universal Law of Imagination

This law brings the subconscious and the conscious minds into harmonic union and allows for authentic communication and expression.  It allows a free flowing dialog to take place that can be consciously directed.  It allows the faculty of the mind or action within the mind to produce ideas in the form of mental images, feelings and thoughts, which create concepts of things not yet present in tangible form, yet experienced in the intangible. The imagination has the ability to intuitively create images, which means accurate information or insight attained from sources unknown, and or consciously constructed pictorial images.  These creations can be pictures that are still life or movies; they can also be thoughts or feelings. The thing imagined can present itself as abstract, random or organized, fleeting or sustaining. The function of the imagination is twofold: To bring into […]

I Have Risen

Did you know that when the reality of life doesn’t meet your chosen expectations you experience disappointment?  Have you ever been deeply disappointed?  Yes! Are you afraid for your future? Yes!  Does it feel like your foundation has been rocked?  Yes!  When earth shattering disappointment is experienced there is a tendency to look at your life past, present and future with this distorted ‘disappointment’ lens, reexamining all the painful situations that have occurred in your life. Is this normal? Yes. However be aware that there does come a point in time when the normal becomes the abnormal and with that comes psychological and physiological problems. Everyone reading this post knows what it feels like for the reality of life not to meet the desired expectation.  Disappointments!  Everyone has experienced their own personal crucible, or, if you will, their own trial […]

I Will and or I Am Which Has The Most Potential For Success?

Attractioners, yesterday I asked the question, “Which statement says consciously and subconsciously you believe in your desired manifestation?” a) I Will b) I Am a) I will, speaks of the track your mind is on and that Attractioners, happens to be disbelief. Until “I Will” transforms for into “I AM” you won’t and don’t have what you are wanting. Many of the things you say “I will” do to, don’t ever get done. Yet when you verbalize something by saying b) “I AM,” you have invoked the Universal Laws and set into motion the manifesting of what you want.  Why does it work that way? Because you’ve claim that which you want without reservation. Understand the power of your words. Know that which you speak of.  When you say “I AM” it means you have bound yourself by energetic fusion […]

The Four Agreements To Close Out Year

Good Morning Attractioners: This book has come to my attentions several times over the last 3 weeks. Don Miguel Ruiz “The Four Agreements” Click here to get your copy from Amazon   So this is the book that we are going to finish this year out with. If you have already read this book. READ IT AGAIN! If you haven’t read Don Miguel Ruiz The Four Agreements. Much of it is worth the read. It can, I feel, support you in laying out a foundation on how you may want to approach life, which has the ability to circumvent many of the obstacles that we place in our own way.   Don Miguel Ruiz in his book “The Four Agreements” lays out what appears to be a simple road map by which to live your life by. It’s important that […]

Free Life Coaching: Getting Ready For 2017 & Beyond

What do you want to happen for you in 2017?  It’s time to dust your old dreams off, rekindle your passion, create a plan and get in action.  Many people never realize their dreams or tap into their fullest potential, because they don’t know what to do.  They look at the end result in all its glory and simply become overwhelmed or underwhelmed.  Both feelings lead to a kind of paralysis that ends up in getting nothing done.  One week rolls into two which rolls into four and the next thing you know, it’s December 31st and you haven’t done a thing other than wish for the thing you want.  Whether it’s getting in shape, remodeling your home, going into therapy, learning a new language, becoming more spiritual, whatever it is that you want to manifest you’ll need a plan. […]