The Universal Law of Imagination

This law brings the subconscious and the conscious minds into harmonic union and allows for authentic communication and expression.  It allows a free flowing dialog to take place that can be consciously directed.  It allows the faculty of the mind or action within the mind to produce ideas in the form of mental images, feelings and thoughts, which create concepts of things not yet present in tangible form, yet experienced in the intangible. The imagination has the ability to intuitively create images, which means accurate information or insight attained from sources unknown, and or consciously constructed pictorial images.  These creations can be pictures that are still life or movies; they can also be thoughts or feelings. The thing imagined can present itself as abstract, random or organized, fleeting or sustaining. The function of the imagination is twofold: To bring into […]

I Have Risen

Did you know that when the reality of life doesn’t meet your chosen expectations you experience disappointment?  Have you ever been deeply disappointed?  Yes! Are you afraid for your future? Yes!  Does it feel like your foundation has been rocked?  Yes!  When earth shattering disappointment is experienced there is a tendency to look at your life past, present and future with this distorted ‘disappointment’ lens, reexamining all the painful situations that have occurred in your life. Is this normal? Yes. However be aware that there does come a point in time when the normal becomes the abnormal and with that comes psychological and physiological problems. Everyone reading this post knows what it feels like for the reality of life not to meet the desired expectation.  Disappointments!  Everyone has experienced their own personal crucible, or, if you will, their own trial […]

I Will and or I Am Which Has The Most Potential For Success?

Attractioners, yesterday I asked the question, “Which statement says consciously and subconsciously you believe in your desired manifestation?” a) I Will b) I Am a) I will, speaks of the track your mind is on and that Attractioners, happens to be disbelief. Until “I Will” transforms for into “I AM” you won’t and don’t have what you are wanting. Many of the things you say “I will” do to, don’t ever get done. Yet when you verbalize something by saying b) “I AM,” you have invoked the Universal Laws and set into motion the manifesting of what you want.  Why does it work that way? Because you’ve claim that which you want without reservation. Understand the power of your words. Know that which you speak of.  When you say “I AM” it means you have bound yourself by energetic fusion […]

The Four Agreements To Close Out Year

Good Morning Attractioners: This book has come to my attentions several times over the last 3 weeks. Don Miguel Ruiz “The Four Agreements” Click here to get your copy from Amazon   So this is the book that we are going to finish this year out with. If you have already read this book. READ IT AGAIN! If you haven’t read Don Miguel Ruiz The Four Agreements. Much of it is worth the read. It can, I feel, support you in laying out a foundation on how you may want to approach life, which has the ability to circumvent many of the obstacles that we place in our own way.   Don Miguel Ruiz in his book “The Four Agreements” lays out what appears to be a simple road map by which to live your life by. It’s important that […]

Free Life Coaching: Getting Ready For 2017 & Beyond

What do you want to happen for you in 2017?  It’s time to dust your old dreams off, rekindle your passion, create a plan and get in action.  Many people never realize their dreams or tap into their fullest potential, because they don’t know what to do.  They look at the end result in all its glory and simply become overwhelmed or underwhelmed.  Both feelings lead to a kind of paralysis that ends up in getting nothing done.  One week rolls into two which rolls into four and the next thing you know, it’s December 31st and you haven’t done a thing other than wish for the thing you want.  Whether it’s getting in shape, remodeling your home, going into therapy, learning a new language, becoming more spiritual, whatever it is that you want to manifest you’ll need a plan. […]

Are You Thinking From or Of Your End Goal

How much time do you spend thinking about what it feels like to have manifested what you are wanting for your life verse the struggles you are experiencing to get it? Thinking from the end, verses of the end, and of course how to achieve your end goal is the nuance between getting and not getting it. Many people work so hard, so diligently with discipline and faith and yet, what they are asking for doesn’t materialize? Why? Now, the answer to that question is the key to greater understanding. Attractioners, it boils down to understanding the powerful difference in the nuance found in “of and from.” We have a tendency to complicate things in our lives. This is primarily because we choose not to do our own due diligence and build our lives on what we have been told. […]

Do You Struggle With Your Emotions Dictating Your Choices?

How many of you struggle on a daily basis knowing what you need to do, yet feel like you are being emotionally pulled in a different direction? If what you need to do is based in fact…fact being something that is unchangeable…no matter your emotional or fictitious state, fact will always be in your peripheral vision. Or put another way, it will always be in the forefront of your mind. Fact will be nagging you, not in a bad way, but letting you know that there is another option for you to choose from. Making choices based on your emotions can be dangerous. Our emotions are mercurial. They change from one moment to the next. And in truth, that and letting us know how we feel in that particular moment is what emotions do. The role of your emotions is […]

Am I Praying and Affirming Right?

There is a right way to pray and a wrong way to pray.  Affirmations, much like prayers have a right and wrong approach too.  Praying and affirming both use the power of your spoken word, along with intention and attention for a desired out come.  When it doesn’t happen or turnout the way in which you wanted you’re left wondering, “What happen?  Why didn’t God help me?  Why didn’t the Universe manifest what I wanted?”  You’ve been told that all you have to do is pray and ask for what you want or affirm what you want a hundred times a day and you’ll get it. WRONG! WRONG!! WRONG!!!  If it were that simple your life would be exactly the way in which you want it.  Yet, ironically it is as simple as that when done the right way. Unfortunately, […]

Love vs. The Universal Law of Love Part II

Part II Beyond the norm that we know to be associated with the word love, it is actually an immutable Universal Law whose definition is all about transmutation or “movement of change.” The Universal Law of Love isn’t about the warm and fuzzies or the cold and frigid. The Universal Law of Love governs the transmutation within the manifestation process. Again, it’s about the movement of change. Trans = move; Mutate = change.   The movement of change or the Universal Law of Love is required to move energy into form and out of form. No manifestation takes place without this happening. This is why it has been said that love will conquer all.  But be very clear, this adage isn’t talking about emotional feelings.  Feelings, might I point out, can and will change from minute to minute.  This adage “love […]

Love vs. The Universal Law of Love Part I

Today’s blog turned out to be very long, so I decided release it in two parts. The word love is bandied about a lot and used to describe a myriad of our feelings.  It’s used as a form of expression to show the degree of attachment, affection, feeling and or passion that you have formed with people, places and things.  You say, “I love ice cream, books, movies, clothing and Manolo Blahnik shoes etc. Or I love you to the people in your life. Yet, the love you’re speaking of differs from child to that of the love you show to your parents, from spouse to siblings and from friends to coworkers etc. It also differs between books, music, movies shoes etc. It’s important to understand that love is a word that describes your personal feelings.  And rightly so, after […]