Aniba Rosaeaodora: “Bois de Rose” Rosewood

Rosewood “Bois de Rose” is all about balance and focus. If your thoughts are scattered and your mind continuously racing, this multifaceted essential oil is for you.

In the history of aromatherapy, Rosewood is a relatively new comer. It is an excellent choice for all age groups. It has a gentle, yet effective calming action on the nervous system and does wonders to tone and boost the immune system.

Rosewood essential oil is a must if you suffer from PMS (PMT). If drawing blanks (momentary memory loss), fuzzy thinking or head is something that plagues you. Rosewood can help. It is an excellent choice to help curb frustrations and challenges we all face with daily living; a difficult situation at the office, traversing through rush hour traffic, Doctors visits, Airports, DMV (Nevada), malls at Christmas and any situation where you may find yourself tense, uptight and your temper simmering just below a rolling boil.

Family Name: Lauraceae

Latin botanical name: Aniba Rosaeaodora

Common Name: Rosewood also known as “Bois de Rose”

Obtained: Tree/wood

Method of extraction: Distillation

Aroma: Sweet, floral, woody and slightly spicy

Personality: Rosewood essential oil is decisive, balanced and poised and exudes self-determination, confidence objectivity and clarity. Rosewood promotes quick logical thinking and strives to shield and support the body from emotional and physical harm.

Properties & Abilities: Analgesic, anti-depressant, anti-septic, aphrodisiac, bactericide, cephalic, deodorant, insecticide, stimulant, immuno-stimulant, tonic.

Application: Pain relief, dry cough, skin inflammation, lack of concentration, reduce scaring, cell regenerate, uplifts spirits, and boost immune system.

Contra Indication: At this time there are no contra indications for the use of Aniba Rosaeaodora Rosewood “Bois de Rose.” If pregnant or nursing avoid use. Seek guidance from health professional and aromatherapist. DO NOT use on newborn infants.

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